Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Please find below different application methods for Hair Extensions. All application methods can be explained in more detail at free consultation

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    MicroRing Hair Extensions

    Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the cornerstone of Strand by strand indivudully bonded Human hair extensions and is fast becoming the number one choice for permanate hair extensions in the UK.

    Completely glue, heat and chemical free application. Small segments of your own hair are added through the micro rings or copper tubes(longer rings), hair is attached inside the micro ring/Copper tubes and clamped using professional hair extension tools. The micro rings/Copper tubes sit flat against the scalp . Micro Rings/Copper tubes can be applied in a all natural colour or multiple colours. It can be used to add length & voulme discreetly.

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    Weave hair Extensions

    While Weave in Hair extensions has become a household name for the application of Human Hair it still allows for volume & thickness easily achived , through wefts of hair applied to natural hair throughout hidden within own hairline giving amazingly natural results, add texture and length to limp volumeless hair with this traditional form of hair enchancment Find out more


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    Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

    Ultrasonic cold fusion Hair extensions, an advanced micro-bonding procedure that allows for heat free applications to the hair completely damage free yet still giving the results you want when it comes to having fuller thicker locks works in the same way as other strand by strand methods giving you free flowing hair that can be treated as your own also great for growing your own hair use these to recover  from any hair mishap while it regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, hair. the ultrasonic cold fusion waves break down the bonds in order to attach securely to natural hair.  Find out more

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    Bonded Hair Extensions

    Bonded Hair Extensions are quick, virtually painless and provide instant results. These clear bonds can be used to add length & volume in an instant bonds are bespoke in size texures & colours to match natural hair with our remy & virgin human hair, these last on average 3 to 4 months & our aftercare can extend the life of your extensions, they will literally feel like your own hair but with more body and legth giving amazing tranformations in only a short time. Find out more

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    Tape Weft Hair Extensions

    these are a type of prebonded weft hair extensions, hair is secvured using small skin weft hair pieces this applications design allows for the temporary placement of one or more bands of natural hair in order to thicken the base or lengthen the style. The Tape/Skin Weft system differs from conventional hair extensions because there is no gluing. The piece holds in place with double-sided tape, suitable for wearing for several weeks to months gives versitle results great for application to specific areas in need of length or volume. Find out more

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    Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions

    At Elitestylz hair extensions we offer Brazilian hair extensions both the hair itself sourced exclusively for our use and brazilian hair extension method wherby human hair is attached using small bonds that are woven around the hairs creating longer thicker locks this is a very long lasting method from 4 - 5 months of wear at time, easy maintaince & again a method that allows hair to be treated just like your own anything is possible with hair extensions to give you a desired result Find out more

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