Elitestylz Hair Extensions T&C's disclaimer

Hi guys these are the parts we hate to do. Elitestylz Hair Extensions work won't push anyone into making an appointment with us. We will not make you sign a disclaimer but by having Elitestylz Hair Extensions fit you new extensions you agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

The following terms and conditions are applicable weather you have contacted Elitestylz Hair Extensions through the website, any online adverts, Facebook, any adverts or word of mouth applications.

I understand that I am using Elitestylz Hair Extensions for fitting hair extensions. Elitestylz Hair Extensions prices are inclusive of the service they provide as well as the hair extensions.  

As Elitestylz Hair Extensions have discussed inclusive in the cost paid, they include one free call out to address any issues following the fitting (within 10 miles of us). Elitestylz Hair Extensions will always try to resolve any issues that a client might have with any teething issues. Teething issues include: any visible bonds after fitting, any bonds that have come loose (this can be from accidental pulling with a comb), maintenance advice or any issue you could have! This call out doesn't include maintenance as this is a seperate service.

In rare instances the hair extensions can irritate the scalp and cause itching, in this cases we will always suggest a solution to resolve any issues. This will be covered by a team member and can be resolved very easily.

Few clients do feel a pain sensation for the first night to the fifth night. This usually subsides within this time, this is caused because of the bonds that are have been fitted are pushing against your head when sleeping. As with anything that is physically attached to your body, it will take time to get used to this sensation.

You understand that refunds are not given in any circumstance. Hair extensions are hygienic goods and cannot be accepted back under any such circumstance once they have been fitted. We guarantee our workmanship for 30 days and will refit any bonds that have come loose or slid out, this will be when a team member is next in the area. We will always try and help and if any issues continue past this time we will try to call to you when we are local to your area, this may take up to a month for a call out but we will always come out to you a the earliest oppourtunity.

You will be given an aftercare sheet and will need to stictly adhere to it. If any issues arise you will be given contact details to get in touch with one of the Elitestylz Hair Extensions team. Maintenance will have to be adhered to as Elitestylz Hair Extensions will not be held responsible for any issues that are the direct cause of not having the maintenance at the correct intervals (4 to 8 weeks).

At the consultation and/or fitting stage we will give you an estimated time to rebook in for maintenance. It is down to the wearer to book in with Elitestylz Hair Extensions for maintenance.

Prices are based upon distance from Elitestylz Hair Extensions registered business address. Free call outs outside of the 10 mile distance will incur additional costs, this cost will be explained and noted.

The extensionist will not be held responsible nor in any way be liable, if you as the wearer decides that the extensions are not suitable for you for whatever reason. IT IS YOUR, AS THE WEARER, RESPONSIBILITY TO CONSIDER THE LOOK, COST AND COMMITMENT INVOLVED PRIOR TO APPLICATION. Elitestylz Hair Extensions will always explain every detail, if asked, and will help you through the entire process and offer a second to none aftercare service!

I understand – that the removal of my hair extensions should be carried out only by the hair extensionist to prevent natural hair damage

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