Hair Extensions Methods

All the Hair Extensions methods used by  Elite Extensions are non invasive and the quality of our products are the best in the natural hair industry.

We believe that our products will stand up to any scrutiny within the industry and Elite Extensions will endeavour to exceed your expectations.  Elite Extensions is so advanced in the hair extension industry that we are able to offer customers, and salons, with 11 different hair extension systems to choose from. Here are just a few methods to choose from. 


Hair Extensions method

An extremely popular celebrity choice hair extensions method with no glues, nor waxes, and best of all does not damage your own hair. The hair extensions are reusable and are available in a range of lengths and colours. Micro ring hair extensions is applied strand by strand without any heat or chemicals. They are attached by a small ring which are clamped flat with a clamping instrument. Micro ring strands give a free-flowing effect of volume and length. The Deluxe rings are silicone lined to protect your hair and make sure they are non slip. For clients who do not wish to use heat or bonds on their hair, this technique is recommended, they are from just 3mm in size. Hair will last up to 6 months with regular care. Application time is 2 to 3 hours for full head of 200 strands. Consultation is free and highly recommended.





 Hair Extensions method

The benefits of micro ring weft are that it is cheaper and much quicker to apply, tighten and remove than individual micro ring hair extensions. It is also a semi-permanent method, these hair extensions are worn for shorter periods of time but keep the hair to be used again. Micro ring weft hair extensions can be worn longer. Made to measure, the weft is then applied and secured using micro rings along the length of the weft. Depending on how thick you would like the finished result. This is a fantastic, quick way of gaining extra length and volume. This is a new hair extensions technique that we have added to our growing list of hair extensions methods If you do not want braids, glue or heat to be used on your hair, then this is the hair extensions for you. We use weft hair pieces to apply this type of hair extensions. There is no bulk, pulling or pain involved and extensions will last up to 3 months with regular care

Hair Extensions method

Pre bonded extensions are premium quality hair applied by our trained stylist. Full head application will need 100 -200 strands and will take 3 to 4 hours. The hair will last will last up to 6 months with regular care. Cost for pre bonded extensions depends on length, volume and hair texture required. The hair is pre tipped with keratin wax which are heated into the hair to create small bonds.  The extension is easily and safely using a solution created to break down the keratin bonds.  Pre Bonded Extensions are available in different sizes U tip shaped bonds. The main advantage of using this system is that it is much quicker to apply these extensions as they are 'ready made' and is attached in an instant a versatile type of extension.
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Hair Extensions method

With Shrinkies there is no tension or stretching involved during the installation, maintenance or removal process. No hot glues or chemicals are used at any time. The bonds literally shrink around the extension and your natural hair and the keratin coating inside the tube stops any movement of the bond.


Hair Extensions method

As One of the latest methods to the market reinventing the keratin fusion bond, an amazingly easy to maintain, and long lasting, the method uses ultrasonic technology to enhance the hair. A extremely secure method great for fine hair types. Cold fusion hair extension is the one of the latest technique of attaching hair extensions. The method is more popular because of its advantages over the hot fusion method. Cold fusion hair extensions use a keratin based polymer to attach the hair extensions to the scalp. This polymer is flexible in nature and hence, the hair extensions do not become stiff or look unnatural. These extensions last long for more than 5-6 months.


Hair Extensions method

Fusion bonded hair extensions are pieces of hair that have a bonding agent pre-applied at one tip. The strands are then attached to your hair using a bonding resin. The bonding resin that we use is Keratin based, which is a natural protein that won't break the hair shaft. These are applied by melting the keraitn around your hair and forming a small bond no larger than a grain of rice. These are extremely undetectable and great for those with thin hair.



Pre-Taped Hair Extensions are a great alternative to Clip in Hair. Seamless pre-taped hair extensions are quick to apply and clients can continue to wear them for up to 8 weeks or remove them anytime earlier. It is one the most versatile instant hair extensions system available as it made to last for both long and shorter periods, Our reusable seamless hair extensions are made from high quality seamless polyurethane strip with tape.



Brazilian knots/ Brazilian weaves/ Brazilian hair extension method for those that want to go natural, is a step up from traditional Keratin bonds. A Brazilian Knot is not braided, but is a strand by strand hair extension method that allows the wearer to apply human hair to the entire head of hair, or only to those sections that need a little help to get the desired look. No glue, no sewing, no tracks, no weft- just free flowing gorgeous hair. Applied with elasticated thread it’s a particularly long lasting method, for ALL hair types from silky fine hair to thick coarse hair.


Clip In extensions are quite commonly bought online but we feel that to obtain a accurate colour match and personalised fit it is necessary to have them properly by trained extensionist. You will have them cut into a style by one of our stylists. We also ensure that our superior silicone lined clips are fitted where they cannot be seen. For this method the extensions are measured in order to ensure a perfect fit.


Monthly Check-up

We offer free in-house monthly check-ups , to our hair extensions clients, at which we go through the aftercare guide, help with any question or concerns that you may have & check the current condition of your extensions we will also advice when to remove or have maintenance. Please note as with all our appointments free check ups must be pre-booked.


The removal of hair extensions usually takes one to two hours. Unless you have not been taking good care of your hair extensions and tangling has occurred. If you have not come in for maintenance and have not been brushing and sorting your hair extensions like you should, you could have some areas that are pretty tangled and that will slow down the removal process and cost you more money. Just another reason to be sure and take good care of your hair extensions!



Depending on the method you have applied you may require hair extension maintenance to ensure the health of your hair extensions & your natural hair which includes moving up, replacing & adjusting any extensions that need it. Everybody's hair is different, some people's hair will last the FULL 3 - 4 months and more without any hair or hair extensions sliding out, unfortunately this is not the case for everyone! This depends on your NATURAL hair type. Please expect to need maintenance at least once in the duration you have your extensions.

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Virgin Indian Hair

Sourced directly from India                        
In April, we travelled to South India to meet with our supplier. He has access to a consistent supply of Virgin Indian Hair. The hair arrives to us in small hair bundles and in handsewn wefts. The darker colours are preserved as Virgin hair for use at our salon. For lighter colour hair, the individual hair bundles are gently dyed. The hair has its cuticle fully intact – making it cuticle-correct hair. This means that, when worn, we can treat it as we do our own hair.

 This hair is of superior quality. Its texture is perfect for use as hair extensions as it blends so effortlessly with our own hair. Each hair is strong and durable and once fitted the hair has natural movement, as it is not too heavy. The hair is silky to touch, right down to the very ends. It dries naturally with a very slight wave/kink.

This hair is used with the permanent hair extensions methods and the micro ring weft method. It can be re-used and will last for up to 9 months. 

Russian Virgin Hair

ethically Sourced  from Russia                     
We have a supplier in Russia who sources hair from the south-eastern part of the country and sometimes in to Mongolia. Once collected, the hair is dyed carefully in small batches and is sent to us either in loose hair bundles, or on handsewn wefts. The hair has its cuticle fully intact – making it cuticle-correct hair. This means that we can treat it in the same way as we would our own hair.

 The hair is of high quality. It is available in both straight and body wave textures. The Russian Remy hair is chosen by clients who want a full look. This hair is thick, but is still easily styled.

 This hair is used with the permanent hair extensions methods and the micro ring weft method. It can be re-used and will last for up to 9 months. 

Virgin European Hair

London supplier of High Quality Hair

This Virgin European Hair is truly luxurious hair. This hair is for clients who want the smoothest most natural-looking hair available. This hair is naturally silky straight, without having undergone any processing.

 The hair is of the highest quality, and of course has its cuticle intact. This means that it will be so easy to style, and will feel like you grew it yourself.

This hair is used with the permanent hair extensions methods only and can be re-used and will last up to 9 months.

Brazilian Remy Hair

London supplier of High Quality Hair 

Brazilian Hair is the thickest hair we can source. It is our luxury hair. We have this option for our clients who like really full, ‘Big Hair’.  This hair dries naturally with a wave. It is thick and luscious. It is available in darker colours only, but can be dyed to lighter shades.

 The hair is of high quality and has its cuticle fully intact. It can be treated as if it is your own hair. Due to its thickness, it takes more effort to style and work with this hair on a day-to-day basis. So, it is suitable for ‘BIG HAIR’ devotees!

 This hair is used with the permanent hair extensions methods only and can be re-used and will last up to 9 months.

Indian Remy Hair

London wholesaler

The Indian Remy Hair we stock at elitestylz is for use with the Custom-made Clip in Hair Extensions. It is also offered for use with the Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions.

 It is a more affordable hair type than our other higher-quality hair, and so is offered for use with the more temporary methods of hair extensions.  

 This hair is a good standard-quality hair. It is cuticle-correct hair that can be styled, washed etc just like your own hair. 

Hair Extensions Length

Once you know the hair type you will need to Choose , Either Straight Wavy or Curly Hair.
18"      Eighteen inch hair is thare currently the lengths that we stock as they are the most popular. However, we are happy to use a different length of hair, if you prefer.  We can of course cut and finish the hairstyle standard length for hair extensions.  If you are a regular height of about 5'4" then this length will fall to below
          your bra strap. 
22"     Twenty-two inch hair is very long!.  It will fall to the top of your bum.
30"     Hair is available at various lengths, but this is longest hair that can be
          source. At this length, you will be sitting on the hair, no matter what
          height you are. 
Please Note: As the standard length is 18" and extra longhair extensions mobilelength is 22", these are in stock always