Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions at Elitestylz Salons are of the highest quality, virgin brazilian hair is remy with culticles intact giving amazingly flawless results,
Hair Quality We use is 100% human REMY/REMI hair for our extensions applied with our array of specialist techiques such as ultrasoinc cold fusion & micro ring hair extensions. this is the most advanced types available also the easiest to manage hair extension methods
Brazilian virgin hairs are the more cost effective the strongest hair no colour fade a wide range of colours are only natural tones from black to browns no blonde brazilian hair only precoloured brazilian available from neutral tones to more vibrant options. Choose with our technicans from our wide range of
colour samples. can be straightened curled treated as natural hair. Great for keeping waves & texures in your hair naturallly more volume & body creatred than with european hair extensions

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Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions

At Elitestylz hair extensions we offer Brazilian hair extensions both the hair itself sourced exclusively for our use and brazilian hair extension method wherby human hair is attached using small bonds that are woven around the hairs creating longer thicker locks this is a very long lasting method from 4 - 5 months of wear at time, easy maintaince & again a method that allows hair to be treated just like your own anything is possible with hair extensions to give you a desired result Find out more

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